How does Pay-Per-View work?

The event will be filmed live from the Echo Liverpool and is available to watch on any internet-connected device anywhere in the world by purchasing a pay-per-view ticket.

Where can I buy a Pay-Per-View ticket?

Go to www.channelfighttickets.com.

Can I share my Pay-Per-View access with friends?

Access is restricted to a single pay per view user at any one time so if you share your personal log-in details with anyone else you will be unable to watch the event until the other person logs-out.

Can I watch from anywhere in the world?

Yes you can.

When can I log-in to watch the event on 24 March 2018?

The event is live from
7pm GMT (UK)
3pm EST (USA)

Which devices can I use to watch the event?

You can use any internet-connected device with a standard web browser (eg Chrome, IE, Safari) such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers and internet-connected TVs.

Can I watch it on my TV at home?

For the best and easiest experience we normally suggest logging in to the event on a device such as a laptop which you can connect to your SmartTV via either Chrome Casting, Mirror Cast, Screen Sharing, HDMI or any other wireless or wired connection method that your device supports.
Please contact us at support@inplayer.com and we will do our very best to assist you.

Where do I go to watch the event?

Please go back to the website where you purchased your pay per view ticket or alternatively go to www.channelfighttickets.com. Then enter your registration details.

What do I do if I have any streaming or customer support issues?

Please email support@inplayer.com with your details and they will respond to you quickly

Can I have my money back?

If, once you’ve bought your ticket, you change your mind and decide you don’t want to watch the event we will refund your money. For full information about the refund policy and other important information please see the terms and conditions on www.channelfighttickets.com.